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NII is developing tools to use the Vein-Eye to measure and determine blood flow, very important for varicose veins.

All of NII's technologies encompass certain characteristics: safe, non-radiation, non-contact, non-invasive, and affordable to the worldwide population.

NII's solutions and products are unique, patented, revolutionary and capable of generating $1B in net profits in 5 – 7 years.

NII's "Enhanced Visual Methodologies" do not just illuminate the veins; they make the veins that are difficult to see more accessible to the medical practitioner.

In addition to visualizing veins, the Vein-Eye identifies small tumors below the surface of the skin.

Optical Ultrasound Tomography (OUT) – available in late 2017- will put ultrasound technology deep inside human tissue, and the brain, without radiation and without contact.

Our biometric solution  - coming in 2017 to 2018 – is based on non-contact visualization of the sub-surface veins along with simultaneous acquisition of the fingerprint. It is poised to provide the premier data collection technology for secure authentication and identification.

For more information on our company, technologies, employment opportunities, strategic partnership opportunities, reseller opportunities, and investment opportunities, please contact NII at info@nearinfraredimaging.com or by calling us at 508-384-3800.