With the Vein-Eye Carry, the healthcare practitioner can quickly see the exact location of the vein and the depth of the vein – very important for IV placement.

There are 40M vein punctures everyday worldwide, and 20% fail on the first attempt with adults, and 33% fail on the first attempt with newborns and children. FindingĀ a vein is extremely important when the patient is critically ill and that illness can be transmitted to the healthcare worker. The Vein-Eye Carry is truly portable and lightweight. It is designed to be carried from room to room in a hospital, into the home for home healthcare, and to remote towns and villages.

The camera can attach to medical furniture or an IV cart, to a hospital bed, to a wheelchair, to a chemotherapy chair, or to any home furniture or home bed. It is also designed to work in an ambulance or medical evacuation vehicle.

MSRP: $2,499 USD

Home healthcare, and administering medicine, is safer and easier with the new Vein-Eye Carry

The new Vein-Eye Carry allows for quick and successful phlebotomy by finding veins that cannot be seen.

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See the new portable Vein-Eye Carry with both the gooseneck/super clamp option and the portable stand option.

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